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Julia Powers is founder and creative director of EMOJI CHECK. She has a B.A. in English, an M.Div currently underway, and a father with technical skills. Julia loves working to combine creativity and compassion — and, yes, sometimes iPhone apps — in service to others. She writes regularly on her blog and occasionally elsewhere, including The Mighty‘s mental health channel. Her favorite emojis are: bda7b8109cd69e3b0b446534e760a440 prayer-hands taco



John Powers is co-founder and technical director of EMOJI CHECK. 
He has a B.S. in mathematics, 40+ years experience as a software engineer, and a daughter with creative ideas. John speaks at least 3 languages on a daily basis: English, computer code(s), and emoji. So, he’s enjoyed the adventure of developing the EMOJI CHECK app. His favorite emojis are: crying-laughing ok thinking-face